Endorphin r







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High quality pure carbon Endorphin R freediving and spearfishing fins .

Endorphin blades are made of 100% advanced TR 50S carbon fiber in a controlled Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) for uniform impregnation of the blade material and zero bubble formation / crack propagation, the blades feature a 30° degrees radius and a unique weave combination with X-type layer positioning which allows improved lateral stiffness.

The combination of carbon weaves facilitates the creation of a blade which maintains its consistency and exceptional mechanical properties in all directions of use.

Endorphin blades are designed for use by advanced divers looking for top performance both at sea and in the pool.

The Endorphin blades feature an advanced UV resistant epoxy resin composition which allows exceptional resilience and improved resistance to yellowing of the blades compared to conventional resins.


Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος 1,5 kg
Διαστάσεις 100 × 20 × 25 cm
Angle / Γωνία


Warranty / Εγγύηση

2 years from the day of manufacturing

Length / Μήκος

80 cm

Width / Πλάτος

19 cm


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