Handmade high performance blades made of glass fiber.
They are manufactured by the resin casting process under vacuum
(VIP – Vacuum Infusion Process)
With this method we achieve a uniform impregnation of fabrics with the right amount of resin required.
A very basic advantage of this method is to eliminate entrapped air bubbles in the blade. This gives us more durability of the blade.
Captured air bubbles play a catalytic role in blade strength as they break the fabric’s consistency resulting in cracking or even breaking in extreme conditions.
Impregnation with the ideal amount of resin gives us the advantage of low blade weight but also the full utilization of carbon fiber properties (Resistance to Tensile, Elasticity, Fracture Exacerbation) resulting in Resistance Explosiveness, Durability and Reliability.

Warranty: 2 years from date of production