Deep Dive Xtasy

The story begins back in the past, when we designed and built the first pair of carbon blades to cover our own needs as a spearfishermen and free divers.
This was the beginning to enter the magic world of composite materials.
Of course this was just the beginning …

The endless hours of design,testing and the continuous updating and guidance by qualified technicians on their materials, their properties and their technical characteristics,right!
We can talk now about products of high quality and performance.
Our willingness to share the results of you
years ago, led us to the founding of Deep Dive Xtasy.

Our goal is to produce and offer high quality products and services for the modern diver of free diving.
It is challenging for us to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
We are beside you to let you know about our products so you can choose the best one for your needs.

The vision of many years has taken place.

We are at your disposal!